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Buying Flowers? Florist or the Supermarket?


The Florist or The Supermarket?

Don’t we all love flowers? They are one of nature’s most beautiful and versatile products and they have been around since…well from the beginning really. They are rich in colour and most of them have irresistible aroma. Flowers are bought for varying reasons, some buy it to celebrate special occasions such us weddings and anniversaries, others buy it for everyday use. They are used to show affection, to express gratitude, remorse and even condolence. In essence flowers are part of our lives; one way or the other.28964So when it comes buying fresh flowers are you better off picking a bunch from the local supermarket or buying it from a florist? Well a case can be argued for both.

In the next paragraphs below I will systematically look at the advantages and the disadvantages of buying flowers from the supermarket and buying from the florist.

So lets start with the supermarket. The single most paramount advantage of buying flowers from the supermarket is the price. Flowers from the super market are by far cheaper than flowers bought from the florist. This is because, supermarkets buy in large bulk, literally they buy thousands and thousands of flowers and have them packaged and distributed to all of their stores. Because they buy in such huge quantities, they pay extremely less, hence, they can afford to sell them at extremely cheaper prices. Unfortunately the florist cannot afford to buy such high volume of flowers, thus, in terms of purchasing power the florist can’t compete with the supermarkets.

However the advantages of buying from the florist far out weighs the disadvantages. Below are some of the benefits.flower shop 2Flowers sold by the florist are of a much superior quality to start with. Typically, supermarket sell lower grade blooms while the florist stock higher and premium blooms.

Secondly, flowers from the florist stay fresh for longer than that of the supermarket. This is because the flowers are professionally treated, such as keeping them in the right temperature, applying the right amount of plant food, changing the water frequently, treating different flowers differently…etc. the supermarket treat all their flowers equally.

They also place flowers closer to the fruit and vegetable aisle which is harmful to the flowers due to the ethylene they produce.

Also florists do stock a large variety of unique flowers that the supermarket wouldn’t have. They offer luxury packaging, wrapping and bows so your gift flower bouquets look exceptional. In essence, you get a personal customer care and service with professional advice, a service the supermarkets cannot match.29017So how does one strike a balance?
I believe this simple method below will aid you in your decision when buying flowers.

1. flowers for big, special occasions– Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary
2. flowers for no reason
3. flowers for someone you’re dating
4. flowers for your spouse or long-term partner.

1 + 3 = from the florist. This really is a no brainer. The significance of the occasion warrants that extra mile and that special touch. Believe me, you do not want to get this wrong.

2 + 4 = from the Supermarket. When you are married for a long-time or you have been with your partner for a long time, routinely spending £30-80 on a bouquet and delivery seems a bit excessive. According to Beth (2010, askawoman) ‘romance does NOT die with the marriage vow, only that with marriage comes a certain amount of practicality. Plus, there is something lovely about coming back to the home you share, after a long day at work, to find your handsome man clutching a bouquet of flowers–it’s intimate and touching’. In that beautiful moment, where the flowers came from really does not count but rather, the thought behind it.

1 + 4 = could go either way. The occasion could warrant more expensive flowers, but it’s not a given. I will personally advice on getting it from the florist.

2 + 3 = from the florist or the Supermarket. According to Beth (2010), this could go either way and that the best advice is to be yourself when you’re getting to know someone, but there is a certain amount of impressing that goes on when you are wooing someone. ‘ She shave’s her legs on a more frequent basis than later on; you remember to put on cologne on a more frequent basis than later on, that sort of thing. So you might choose to have them delivered (from a florist), but it certainly wouldn’t be a faux pas to bring them home (from the supermarket) to her’ (Beth, 2010).

3 + 4 = Hmmmm…No advice for you!





Beth (2010) askawoman: :

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  • It`s flowers from a florist for me every time! If you want something special and flowers of the freshest variety then you have to use your local florist. No contest I am afraid.

  • Barbara catling

    We are having a 50th wedding celebration and want to have flowers on tables inside a marquee and outside tables as our venue is a farm and I want to buy flowers on the morning of the celebration , what flowers would you recommend , also we would like to use a supermarket for the purchase.

  • I’ve spent over a $100 ordering flowers from online florists and maybe I had one good experience. I haven’t received a picture yet. The other 5 times I got burned. The flowers received were not only not fresh, but each time substitutions were made. When I got pictures back of what was received, I didn’t recognize the arrangements. I could have bought supermarket flowers which would have been much cheaper and exactly what I wanted. If I were giving locally, no problem. I had to trust online delivery because my orders were going to people who lived in other states. I’ve sent flowers for 3 birthdays and 3 funeral/sympathy arrangements. I can always tell when they receive lousy flowers because nobody texts or calls to thank me or brag about how beautiful their flowers were. They just email or text the photo with a sad or puzzled look on their faces. I have resorted to sending money and asking the family to go buy flowers at the supermarket, so that I don’t have to make apologies. This is what I am going to do for a cousin who is 97 and just went into a nursing home. I want to cheer her up and not risk something wilted or dead looking. So, a supermarket lilly and colorful tulips it is.

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