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Marsala the colour for 2015

It is official; your colour for 2015 is Marsala.
This is a pleasant hue of red and brown resulting in a rich natural earth look. The stylish tone of Marsala is universally appealing and can translate easily to diverse avenues such as fashion, beauty, interiors and industrial designs. It can be used on its own or as a sturdy accent to many colours, it also has the ability to bring in elegance to any room decoration due to its rich and welcoming hue.
According to Leatrice Eisman (Executive Director, Pantone colour institute), ‘marsala enriches the mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability, and draws us to its warm embrace due to it subtly seductive shade’ (

The Marsala colour is extremely versatile, yet at the same time dramatic. It’s matt finish and earthly shade underscores Marsala’s organic nature while the addition of sheen makes it glamorous, luxurious and sophisticated (

Other colours that make up the top 10 colours to look out for in spring 2015 are; aqua marine, scuba blue, lucite green, classic blue, toasted almond, strawberry ice, tangerine, custard and glacier gray.
Aqua marine, toasted almond, classic blue and of course, Marsala, are our favourite colour so far. We believe they will make an exciting combination.


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  • Hi, Interesting.
    Very intersting colour, it does not sweep you off your feet. However the more you dwell on it the more captivating it looks. It set the tone for a thousand and one combinations.

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